Mixed-use development on the square next to The Hague`s Central Station
Koningen Julianaplein has long been a vacant transition area between The Hague's historic city centre, a modern office quarter, Malieveld park in front, and the central station behind. OMA has designed a large three-legged structure, 93 metres tall, that gives definition and identity to this in-between urban space.
Since the project began in 2002, a number of studies were completed to investigate how a new development could structure the incoherent environment and at the same time offer a recognisable, attractive, and free-flowing link into the station. The requested size of the development seemed to indicate a need for one or two towers. However, because of the site's direct link with the station, we decided to develop a different typology that would be better equipped to perform such a crucial role.

The result is three tapered towers – two containing a total of 179 apartments, one (the largest) for offices – that meet and merge at the top, forming a continous, curving structure that encompasses Koningen Julianaplein on two sides. A new public plaza will be created as a result, with reatail areas and major new thoroughfares that facilitate pedestrian flow into the station. (Below ground, there will be four levels of public parking, including space for 6,000 bicycles.) Pedestrian passages between the legs of the building will frame various views of the city.

A third wing of the building, which in an earlier version extended into the park, was abandoned due to building restrictions. Inspired by Venus de Milo's missing arms, we opted to simply cut off this extension and leave the cut visible as a key attractive feature of the building: a glass-facaded protrusion that cantilevers over the Bezuidenhoutseweg, offering a panorama over the park.

Koningin Julianaplein

City of The Hague (competition) / Multi Vastgoed, Gouda / NS Vastgoed, Utrecht


2002 competition (1st prize); design development



The Hague, Netherlands

Square in front of Central Station

Total 92,000m2: offices 44,00m2; housing 31,100m2; parking (underground) 12,600; bicycle parking 4,200m2
Retail on the plaza: 4,000m2

Consultant (competition):
Arup, London

Structure (commission):
Ingenieursbureau Zonneveld, Rotterdam

Partners in charge:
Rem Koolhaas, Ellen van Loon, Floris Alkemade

Project leader:
Katrien van Dijk

Design development team 2009:
Ralph van Mameren, project leader 2004-2009; Katrien van Dijk, Christoph Michael with:
Caroline Andersen, Josh Beck, Matthew Brown, Joseph Chartouni, Sebastien Delagrange, Boris Girin, Alasdair Graham, Elena Hristova, Pierre de Montigny, Chris Mosiadz, Soojung Rhee, Se Yoon Park, Marcos Zotes-Lopez

Schematic design 2004-2008:
Rob de Maat, Kees van Casteren, Ralph van Mameren, Mariano Sagasta with:
Chantal Aquilina, Giannantonio Bongiorno, Joao Bravo Da Costa, Matthew Eagle, Henrike Elsner, Sabine Fuehrer, Katharina Gerlach, Miguel Huelga, Klaas Kresse, Ana Martins, David Eugin Moon, Daan Ooievaar, Ferdjan van der Pijl, Bart Schoonderbeek, Ziad Shehab, Cristian Suau, Laurent Troost, Boris Vapne, Tudor Vlasceanu, Claudia Wolsfeld

Competition team 2001:

Shohei Shigematsu, Erik Schotte, Paz Martin, Johan De Wachter, with:
Gabriela Bojalil, Patrick Bruhn, Erez Ella, Sarah Gibson, Jan Roters, Hiromasa Shirai, Michael Smith