16 December 2011
Interview with Rem Koolhaas in Der Spiegel

Rem Koolhaas recently took a walking tour of Hafencity, in Der Speigel's hometown, Hamburg, then had a nose around the German weekly magazine's new headquarters. Along the way, he talked to Spiegel's culture editors Philipp Oehmke and Tobias Rapp about the complex effects of the free market on projects like Hafencity (where OMA once had a project), AMO's new book about the Metabolists, Project Japan, and how the Spiegel staff can "occupy" their own building. Full intereview here; German original here.

14 December 2011
Victor van der Chijs lectures "On Prudence"
Back in November, Victor van der Chijs spoke at the Barbican in London about the strategic and selective use of prudence as he manages the economics and the strategy of OMA. Now you can watch the video of his lecture, in which he describes OMA's balancing act between adventure and economy, big and small, new and old, public and private... more
7 December 2011
Rothschild Bank headquarters, London, by OMA
BuildingDesign visited the new New Court in London and made a movie about the new headquarters for Rothschild. Rem Koolhaas and Ellen van Loon of OMA speak exlusively to BD of their rejection of the 'rat race of extravagance'. more
28 November 2011
New Court reviewed in the Observer
OMA's New Court, the new headquarters for Rothschild Bank which opened in the City of London last week, was reviewed by Rowan Moore in the Observer on Sunday. "OMA ... likes to squeeze whatever public value there might be in a commission, even out of a discreet private bank. The collonade along the lane can be used by anyone, in effect widening the street, and on the far side of the podium a view opens up to the churchyard of Wren's St Stephen Walbrook." Read the full article here. more
24 October 2010
Rem Koolhaas interviewed by DutchDFA
Rem Koolhaas discusses OMA's practice in an interview with Dutch Design Fashion Architecture: "I don't think you can make critical architecture because, in a sense, architecture always supports someone else's impulse. On the other hand I think our architecture is thoroughly critical because every subject, every question, every ambition is analysed and is placed on the operating table, as it were..."

25 September 2010
Al Manakh 2 launches in New York
Todd Reisz, the editor of Al Manakh 2, spoke together with Rem Koolhaas at Columbia University's school of Architecture, Planning and Preservation last Friday to launch Al Manakh 2 in New York. A critical moment in the US for a book that investigates the growing interconnectedness of the Gulf. Read the report on the blog Human Scribbles. more
7 September 2010
OMA's library for Caen on Normandie TV
Clement Blanchet appears on Normandie TV, discussing OMA's design for Caen's new Bibliothèque Municipales à Vocation Régionale (starts at 2min20).

30 August 2010
Domusweb: OMA, Palazzo delle Esposizioni
OMA, Palazzo delle Esposizioni
OMA’s exhibition shows that nearly 12% of the planet is marked as ‘preserved’ and increasingly the boundaries of preservation are narrowing. Radical change and radical stasis and the unmitigated rise of the preserved building. VIDEO
30 July 2010
OMA's Seattle Library, CCTV and Casa da Musica listed among the greatest buildings of the last 30 years
13 July 2010
Many Happy Returns – Artforum
July 2010
Koolhaas discusses OMA's curatorial masterplan for the Hermitage, and the state of museums today.
19 June 2010
The shape of things to come: Rem Koolhaas's striking designs – The Independent
21 June 2010
Interview with Rem Koolhaas and feature on OMA's Rothschild Bank and Al Manakh: Gulf Continued.   more
3 June 2010
Oh, this year I'm off to sunny Solaria - The Observer
09 May 2010
Feature on Roadmap 2050: A Practical Guide to a Prosperous, Low-Carbon Europe, a report commissioned by the European Climate Foundation by five leading consultancies: Imperial College London, KEMA, McKinsey & Company, Oxford Economics and AMO. more
26 May 2010
Passt das nach Den Haag? - Baunetz
29 April 2010
Feature on competition for new Dance & Music Theatre in The Hague, which will replace OMA's NDT building from 1987
26 May 2010
Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres - The Observer
02 May 2010
Feature on Maggies Centre, Gartnaval, A cancer care centre on the grounds of Gartnavel hospital

26 May 2010
City of dreams lives on - The National
10 May 2010
Interview with Rem Koolhaas and Feature on Al Manakh: Gulf Continued, a 536-page guide to the Gulf published by AMO, Pink Tank, Archis and the Netherlands Architecture Institute in April 2010.
25 May 2010
Tomes, sweet tomes: how Rem Koolhaas re-engineered the architecture book - Guardian

05 May 2010
Feature on OMA Bookmachine, an exhibition of 35 years of OMA publications in one single 40,000 page book, on display at London's Architectural Association.

25 May 2010
Ravaged cities of Russia get Koolhaas cure - The Independent
25 May 2010
Feature on Strelka, a new postgraduate school for media, architecture and design in Moscow, which educational program is written by AMO.
23 May 2010
Arts hub chief dismisses fears of design mishmash - SCMP

Tanna Chong, Aug 23, 2010

The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority has brushed aside concerns that the final design of the arts hub will end up being a mishmash of incoherent elements.
The final plan for the 42-hectare project would maintain the integrity of its original design, the authority's chief executive, Graham Sheffield, said.

10 May 2010
Big thinker sees Gulf in modern terms – FT
10 May 2010
Feature on Al Manakh: Gulf Continued, a 536-page guide to the Gulf published by AMO, Pink Tank, Archis and the Netherlands Architecture Institute in April 2010.
13 April 2010
Rem Koolhaas Returns to Cornell – Cornell Daily Sun

14 April 2010
Rem Koolhaas delivers a lecture at Cornell University – where OMA is building a major extension to the College of Art, Architecture, and Planning – on OMA's projects in the US, built and unbuilt.

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