OMA Designed Samsung Experience Store Opens in Singapore

Samsung Experience Store at VivoCity, designed by OMA, has opened in Singapore. Incorporating mobile devices on display as design elements, the shop assimilates virtual social experiences on a mobile platform with tangible real life interactions in the shop setting.

Samsung Experience Store at VivoCity has an asymmetrical layout into which themed zones are injected. These zones, defined by Soft Scape, offer informal spaces where customers can freely test mobile devices in different scenarios: the IM Convergence zone and the Family/Kids Apps zone provide lively settings for both adults and children to experience the products; the coffee bar and lounge allow customers to tailor-make their own cups of coffee with an App; the A/S zone provides a comfortable space where problems with mobile devices can be diagnosed and fixed; and the Multi-purpose zone, which offers the option of being a private space when the movable partition is closed, is a space for training, promotion, and performance events and product launches.

David Gianotten says, "OMA designed the store not only as a space for transactions but also as a venue for social activities. We have created free spaces in the store, where customers are not obliged to make purchase decisions, but are invited to interact and experience the products according to their own preferences."

The store also features the Galaxy Super Wall, which is a major interaction interface between customers and the Samsung Experience Store at VivoCity. Made of flip-dot display panels and LFD screens, the wall displays product information and broadcasts product demos, newsfeeds and messages. Movements of customers in front of the wall are digitalized and projected onto the wall to create special visual effects. The store's Accessory Wall consists of touch latch accessory drawers that serve as both display windows and storage.

OMA's design of the Samsung Experience Store at VivoCity in Singapore has become incorporated into the guidelines of other Samsung Experience Stores.

Images: OMA and Philippe Ruault